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Savannah Big Miche Shell – New For May 2011

Savannah Big Miche Shell – New For May 2011

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The Savannah Miche Big Bag Shell is one of the two new Miche Big shells for May 2011.

I have to admit that this shell is not one that has knocked my socks off. While I do tend to be drawn towards bold colors, I think the faux leather texture is just too plain for me. I have to admit that I love the color, but it doesn’t pop quite as much as the Amber Miche shell which was one that I absolutely would love to have.

If you do like the plain look, then you could pair this shell with a plain outfit to allow the color of your bag to stick out, or you could find an outfit with some orange in it and be a little “matchy matchy” as I like to say. Another great idea would be to wear a plain outfit with orange shoes and then match your shell to your shoes. It’s just enough color to allow you to stand out without looking like an entire pumpkin.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of this bag, doesn’t mean you will not be. I do believe that the color matched with the conservative finish could be a good match for some people. Enjoy.


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  1. I have the Savannah Miche and actually love it. I realized a lot of my summer outfits have orange in them, so I used it a lot the past couple months. It’s plain, but because it’s orange I think it still stands out. However, I don’t have the Amber — if I did, I might not use the Savannah as much as I do.

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