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Ryann Prima Miche Shell – New For January 2012 $49.95

Ryann Prima Miche Shell – New For January 2012

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The Ryann Prima shell released in January of 2012 is my favorite for the month. It has been quite a while since Miche has released a shell this unique; I hope they continue to explore this route a little more often in the near future.

The turquoise color of the Ryann matches the color of warm tropical waters just waiting for you this time of year. Even if you can’t afford the trip, this shell will make you think of the warmer weather soon to come.

I think my favorite part of this shell is the white zippers on the front. I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t use them because I’d be afraid of switching shells and then leaving something important at home because I switched things up, but even for adding something different I like the zippers.

The Ryann is pictured here with black handles, but I am thinking this shell would look really cute with the white linked fashion handles that Miche just released in January 2012.


Miche Prima Ryann Shell

Miche Prima Ryann Shell
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Miche Prima Ryann Shell
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