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Carlie Classic Miche Shell – New For February 2012 $32.95 List

Carlie Classic Miche Shell – New For February 2012

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The Carlie Classic Miche Shell is a redo of one of the more popular classic shell shapes that I have seen, except in white. For some reason, this classic design with the pockets on the side just seems to be a great hit with everyone. For some reason, I have shied away from shells shaped like this; I think because shells shaped like this seem like more of a pain to change out and since I typically change my shell on the way out the door when I’m in a hurry, easy of use is a necessity for me.

For some reason, the white color of the the Carlie makes it appealing to me, I’m not sure what it is about white and me, but I always seem to be drawn to it. If the color is a turn off for you, keep in mind that the faux leather finish wipes off very easily with a damp cloth. No scrubbing involved to keep this snowy white shell looking pristine like you just bought it yesterday.

I’m thinking you may be tempted to pair this shell with the new white Miche base that was just released this month, but I think the Carlie would be best paired with a black base to bring out the black accent line on the front and back. I could also see pairing it with the black chain handles that are available to bring out the large silver accent studs on the front and back of the shell as well.


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