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Barbara Original Miche Shell – Retired 24.95

Barbara Original Miche Shell – Retired

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I really like shiny things, which is why I was drawn to the Barbara Miche Shell. The two toned aqua color of this shell is also very unique and another reason why I ended up buying this one, not to mention the fact that it was retired already when I purchased it.

There really isn’t a lot of texturing on this shell, except for the fish scaling on the bottom, which is why I only gave it a 3.5 stars for texture. However, the shine on this shell really makes up for that fact. I think adding more texture could have made this a cute shell gone bad.

Even though this shell is an aqua color, I tend it match it up with anything blue in my wardrobe and it goes just fine with that. I would probably stay away from using it when I’m wearing teal because it would just clash then, but you’re pretty safe using this shell with navy in the winter or lighter shades of blue during the spring and summer.


NEW Miche Classic Shell "BARBARA" ~ RETIRED Collectors Shell!!!

NEW Miche Classic Shell
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NEW Miche Classic Shell
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